The Central Valley’s Restaurant Supply Store.


The Central Valley’s Restaurant Supply Store.

Refrigeration Equipment Installation and Operating

For optimum performance, the condensing unit of the reach-in unit must have an adequate supply of air for cooling purposes. The operating location must provide either a minimum 12″ clearance overhead of a top mounted condensing unit or a clear airflow for a bottom mounted condensing unit. A clear air path is the key to allowing the condensing coil to remove the heat from the refrigerant…

Cleaning tips for your fryer

As a general rule boiling out a fryer should be done at least on a weekly basis. In instances where the fryer gets a gummy build up around the rim, or starts to get burned on carbon-laden areas, boiling out should be done more often. Consult your owner’s manual for how to boil out your model of fryer…

How Do I Keep My Knives Sharp?

For efficient performance, always keep your Dexter-Russell knives sharp. Remember, a dull knife can be dangerous. Keep all knives in a rack or block to prevent direct contact with each other or other hard objects. Do not toss them in a drawer or use to open cans, remove jar and bottle caps, or cut string, cones, metal, or paper. Always use a cutting board or proper cutting surface when chopping, slicing, or mincing. Never cut on metal, glass, or porcelain…